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2018 KBHC Faculty

At KBHC, we have a core set of faculty members who are present for all weeks. We also welcome faculty who attend one or two weeks bringing their own specializations to the horn and giving our participants more opportunities to interact with an even larger circle of of top-notch faculty.

Faculty listings as of November 23, 2017 (subject to change)

Faculty Present for Both Weeks in 2018

JACQUELYN ADAMS, University of Southern Mississippi, Pensacola Symphony, Meridian Symphony, and Mobile Symphony

JEFFREY AGRELL, University of Iowa

CAROLYN BLICE, Orlando Philharmonic, Rollins College


ROBERT HOYLE, University of Connecticut, Hartford Symphony (ret.)

FRANK LLOYD, Folkwang Hochschule

JESSE McCORMICK, Cleveland Orchestra

PEGGY MORAN, University of Central Oklahoma

BERNHARD SCULLY, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Canadian Brass

NATALIE DOUGLASS, Ear Training Specialist, Utah Valley University

STASIA FORSYTHE SIENA, Certified Alexander Technique and Yoga Instructor

SHARI RHOADS, Collaborative Pianist


Week 1

PAUL BASLER, University of Florida

PATRICK HUGHES, University of Texas - Austin

Week 2

PETER KURAU, Eastman School of Music, Rochester Philharmonic

Additional Faculty to be announced

Spotlight on Alumni:

Nicole Caluori nee de la Cal

Horn, West Point Band, 2009-Present

KBHC Alum: 2004

Nicholas Caluori

Horn, West Point Band, 2006-Present

KBHC Alum: 2001-2002



"KBHC is the all-star place for horn players. KBHC saturates you in an environment with master performers, teachers, students, and enthusiasts. The remote setting and positive atmosphere helped us feed off faculty and participants and further motivate us towards our goals."